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UPDs Deliver Up To 100 W From Single USB Port

UPDs Deliver Up To 100 W From Single USB Port

Using a single USB cable for data, Microchip’s UPD100X family of USB power-delivery (UPD) controllers supply up to 100 W of power from a single standard USB port—40 times the power compared to USB 2.0. As a result, designers can dynamically allocate the available power to fast battery charging and system power. The family supports the five USB-IF standard UPD power profiles, plus an additional 25 UPD-compliant profiles. Configuration simply requires strapping the two configuration select pins on the UPD1001. However, to create greater flexibility, multiple configurations are available. Integrated quad-banks of one-time programmable memory enable further system customization without having to resort to external memory components. The UPDs come in 32-pin QFN and 28-pin TSSOP packages. Applications include notebooks, printers and accessories, mobile devices, battery chargers, industrial computers and handhelds, and automotive.


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