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Versatile Bricks Ratchet Up Power Density

Targeting 27-V wireless basestations, space-critical telecom applications, and general 24-V industrial electronics systems, the 24-V input Typhoon brick converters provide power density in excess of 106 W/in.3 at up to 91% efficiency. Two 20-A eighth bricks and two 30-A quarter bricks offer single isolated outputs of 1.8 and 3.3 V. Outputs can be adjusted between 80% and 110% of nominal with a trim resistor.

The 1.8-V converters provide 91% full load efficiency. The 3.3-V models offer 90%. Safety approvals include UL/cUL60950 and EN609-50-1 VDE. Functional (operational) isolation has been tested to 2250 V dc. As a result, the converters are a good fit for IEEE802.3af (Power-over-Ethernet) applications.

In quantities of 1000, unit pricing is $54.45 for the 20-A eighth bricks and $78.95 for the 30-A quarter bricks. Standard lead time is stock to eight to 10 weeks ARO.

Artesyn Technologies

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