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Voltage Converters Target Portable Applications

Designed for saving space, the MAXI1720 and NCP1729 CMOS charge pump voltage converters have a power-saving shutdown feature to extend battery life. These switched capacitor voltage inverters are low frequency devices that invert and or double an input voltage ranging from 1.15V to 5.5V. Conversion efficiency ratings are said to be typically greater than 99%, with a power conversion efficiency of 96%. Both devices require just two capacitors for voltage inverter functions and two diodes and three capacitors for voltage doubling functions. Operating current consumption for the MAXI1720 and NCP1729 is 67 µA and 122 µA, respectively. Both supply an output current in excess of 50mA, said to be twice the output of comparable devices on the market. Price is $0.49 each/12,000.


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