Electronic Design

Voltage Detectors Enhance System Safety

The STM1831voltage detector packs extra features that enhance system safety and reliability such as enabling the electronics to recover safely if a voltage drop occurs in the power supply. It provides independent connections for the sense input and its own supply voltage, allowing it to operate reliably even if monitor voltage falls to 0V. A wide range of factory-trimmed voltage thresholds are available from 1.6V to 5.7V in 100 mV increments. Additionally, users can program the time delay between when the monitored voltage returns to normal and when the detector deactivates its alarm output. Only one external capacitor is necessary to program the delay. Other features include a supply current of 0.8 mA typical, a ±2% voltage threshold accuracy, an operating voltage range from 1.6V to 6V, open-drain output, power supply transient immunity, and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. Price is $0.245 each/1,000. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.

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