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Voltage References Consume Very Little Power

Residing in six-lead TSOT-23 packages and operating on supply voltages ranging from 1.25V to 5V, the ADR12x family of voltage references consume a mere 85 µA of operating current, making them highly suitable for use in a myriad of battery-powered products. The devices feature what may be the industry's lowest temperature-drift performance, specified as 9 ppm/°C over the extended industrial temperature range from -40°C to +125°C. This reportedly represents a 10% improvement over comparable voltage-reference devices. The family is designed to partner up with a variety of a/d converters, particularly the company's 16-bit PulSAR converters, which includes the most current AD761x family. The ADR12x family, which includes the ADR127 (1.25V), ADR121 (2.5V), and ADR125 (5V) voltage references, are sampling now at a price of $1.19 each/1,000. Production quantities are slated for next month.ANALOG DEVICES INC., Wilmington, MA. (800) 262-5643


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