Electronic Design

Voltage References Extend Battery Life

Available in a compact SOT-23 package with a 0.5% tolerance, the ZXRE series of ultra low-power voltage references also boast of typical knee current as low as 4 µA, saving power and extending battery life in portable equipment. The tight 0.5% tolerance meets the requirements for higher precision voltage references, insuring power consumption is kept to a minimum. The series consists of three devices. The high-performance ZXRE1004 and the cost-effective ZXRE125 both achieve a precision voltage reference of 1.22V, while the ZXRE4041 provides an output of 1.225V. With a typical temperature coefficient of only 20 ppm/°C, the references offer high performance operation over the operating current range. To give pin-for-pin compatible alternatives to competing devices, both SO-8 and E-Line versions are also available.

Company: ZETEX, INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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