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Voltage Regulator Has Low Dropout Voltage

The requirements of battery-powered applications such as cordless telephones, radio control systems and portable computers are said to be met with the AS2805 family of low-voltage dropout voltage regulators. The devices provide: tight tolerance down to 1%; quiescent current as low as 50 µA at 30 mA output; dropout of only 50 mV at 50 mA output; and extended temperature range of up to 85°C. The AS2805 offers an enable pin for a shutdown feature and a bypass pin for lower noise performance in a small, 5-pin SOT package. The AS2805, AS2806, AS2807 and AS2808 offer 50 mA at 1% tolerance, 120 mA at 2%, 3% tolerance, 180 mA at 2% tolerance, 120 mA at 1% tolerance, 300 mA at 2% tolerance, respectively. Applications also include PCMCIA cards, toys, battery chargers and cellular communications.

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