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Voltages Of New 3A DC/DC Converter Are Adjustable

Offering 50% more current than previous models, the PKF4910A dc-to-dc converters allow their factory setting of 3.3V ±1% to be adjusted to provide any voltage between 1.8V and 4.1V. Spanning a 38V to 72V input voltage range, the 3A power modules are designed for 50 and 60 vdc systems, while their 12-mV line regulation (50V to 72V input) and load regulation of 30 mV are said to ensure that the converters provide the stability required for today's low voltage electronics. In addition, PKF4910A converters require no heatsink, while their active temperature compensation capability is said to ensure a thermal drift of only 1 µV/°C and to permit full power to be delivered at case temperatures ranging from -45°C to 100°C. Other features of the adjustable dc-to-dc converters include an isolated output, remote control, automatic under-voltage shutdown, galvanic isolation to 1500 vdc between input and output, and MTBF of 560 years.

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