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Web-Ready UPS System Fits Applications To 800 kVA

True digital power quality (DPQ) for enterprise applications in models from 555 to 800 kVA can be achieved with the EPS8000 uninterruptible-power-supply (UPS) system from MGE.

Combined with MGE's data-grade input filter, the system's DPQ logic and a 12-pulse rectifier create an output waveform from hundreds of precisely controlled pulses. The logic continuously compares the output power to a reference sine wave and applies subcycle correction pulses to maintain voltage regulation within 5%, even when exposed to a 100% step load.

"Because our system is based on Web-server chips with firmware that doesn't need an operating system, we've made it extremely low in cost. Such Web-server chips have dropped in price from about $200 last year to about $45 this year and continue to go down in cost," says Alan Katz, product manager.

The system features active harmonic conditioning, triple redundant power supplies (line, load, and battery), low total harmonic distortion of less than 4%, and core efficiency as high as 94.5% (with an isolation transformer). Other features include a power factor of 0.9, ±0.5% steady-state voltage regulation (±2.0% with a 100% step load), and SNMP or Modbus options. The system's PowerSentinel monitoring program enables worldwide UPS installation monitoring on a 24/7 basis.

"We've implemented watchdog technology through a third-party Web server," says Katz.

Fitting into locations as small as 121 in. wide, the EPS8000 offers a high power density of 23 kW/ft2. Pricing for the 555-kVA model starts at $144,000.

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