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Zeners & Small-Signal Diodes Now Available in SOD-323s

The BZX84C, MMBZ and MMSZ series of zener diodes (available over the a 2.5V to 75V range) and a variety of small-signal diodes are now available in the space-saving SOD-323 package. The small package, occupying a footprint of about 50 by 80 mils, is ideally suited for portable products, such as cell phones, PDAs, pagers, cordless phones, and TV/TR tuners. It has a power dissipation rating of 200 mW. The small-signal devices now available in the SOD-323 package include Schottky, switching and tuning diodes. Samples and production quantities are currently available. Pricing for the zeners is $0.04 each/3K. The cost of the small-signal devices averages at about $0.12 each.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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