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ZVS Minimizes Switching Losses In Buck Regulator ICs

74271-AVicor’s Picor PI33xx buck regulator family uses the company’s zero voltage switching (ZVS) topology to increase point-of-load (POL) performance and maximise efficiency (see the figure). These buck regulators can convert input supplies ranging from 8 to 36 V to output voltages from 1 to 16 V and output current up to 10 A for power delivery up to 120 W. Power delivery can be further increased by interleaving up to six PI33XX buck regulators using single-wire current sharing without the need of any additional components.

The ZVS topology enables high-frequency operation that minimises switching losses and reduces the size of external filtering components, improving power density. No frequency compensation, parametric settings, or incremental external components are required.

Peak efficiency is 98% and the devices sustain high-frequency switching all the way up to the rated input voltage, according to the company. A 20-ns minimum on time supports large step-down conversions up to 36 VIN. The family also offers an optional I2C telemetry capability for fault reporting.

Vicor Corp.

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