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CAD Translation Software Expands File Compatibility

Revision R3.1 of the TransMagic standalone 3D CAD translation software package adds support for Pro/Engineer assembly files as well as binary and compressed files. The software can translate, view, and heal Pro/Engineer assembly files. Translator-specific settings enhance file translation and healing. Using vendor-specific terminology, these settings enable easier translation of complex entities while enhancing the user's ability to choose entity types for translation. It can handle compressed and uncompressed Unigraphics .PRT files. Improved translation log reporting functions provide file content information that's key to translation success. The revised package also can read binary files from Pro/E and Unigraphics. TransMagic Plus R3.1, an enhanced software package, enables reading and writing of CATIA V5 files. TransMagic R3.1 costs $2495. TransMagic Plus R3.1 costs $7495.

TransMagic Inc.
www.transmagic.com; (303) 460-1406

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