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Electronic Design Update: June 27, 2007

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Electronic Design UPDATE
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | 6/27/07

The Confirma Platform Reduces Verification Time From Months To Days

The Confirma™ ASIC/ASSP Verification Platform from Synplicity is a tightly-integrated, easy to use, and comprehensive At-Speed™ ASIC/ASSP verification flow that accelerates verification of FPGAs and ASICs. The Confirma platform includes Certify® and Identify® Pro software along with the Synplicity High-Performance ASIC Prototyping System™ (HAPS™) hardware.

Click here to accelerate verification with the Confirma Platform.


Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Richard Gawel, Managing Editor

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editor's view |

Parallels And Divergences In Energy Harvesting
By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor

IMEC, a Dutch research center in nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, recently announced an R&D project that produces electricity from mechanical vibrations to power wireless sensors. Similar to Face International's "Lightning" piezo switch, the IMEC design prompts a couple of interesting questions.

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focus on eda |

Mentor Makes Its Move In Physical Design

With its acquisition of Sierra Design Automation, Mentor Graphics fires a shot across the bow of the EDA industry's RTL-to-GDSII suppliers. By adding Sierra's place-and-route tools to its portfolio, Mentor sees an opportunity.

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design solution |

Upgrade To High-Speed USB Handsets Without A Complete Redesign

Migrating to high-speed USB in stages can reduce the risks associated with completely redesigning a handset's USB subsystem.

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Engineering TV: Episodes 47 and 48 |

The Robonaut

NASA scientists and engineers have been designing a robonaut since the late 1990s to assist astronauts on spacewalks. Check out NASA's progress in developing this autonomous, space-faring robot.

Click here to see the episodes.

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EiED online |

Hopping On ZigBee

Rabbit Semiconductor is known for its Rabbit line of microcontrollers and modules based on these chips. The modules allow developers to get a jump on the competition.

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news from the editors |

iSuppli Trims 2007 Semiconductor Forecast

Even though some researchers are cutting the forecasts for 2007 semiconductor revenue growth to the 2% range, iSuppli Corp. predicts a 6% increase this year.

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High-Speed Memory Drives Visualization

Everywhere you look, stunning digital imagery is evoking a great deal of adrenaline-surging excitement. While new display and GPU technologies get the glitz, though, the brick and mortar supporting these images is high-speed graphics memory.

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Intelligent Modems Okayed For Verizon EV-DO Rev. A Network

The first two products of the Sierra Wireless Airlink Platform, the Raven X and PinPoint X intelligent modems, have been certified and are commercially available for use on the Verizon Wireless Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A (EV-DO Rev. A) network.

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Fastest Way To Debug Your Design Using A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)

This application note will help you identify your most elusive problems, learn how to better acquire your analog, digital, and serial signals, and quickly validate your design.

Consider a mixed signal oscilloscope today.


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quick poll |

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating a number of technologies to prevent illegal immigration. Which solution will be the most effective?
  • Multifunction surveillance towers
  • Unmanned aerial aircraft
  • Better-equipped border agents
  • Stronger physical barriers
  • Other

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product picks online |

Demodulator Targets High-Capacity Digital Modems
Integrated Tool Suite Speeds Network Development
Submersible Level Transducers Get Better Accuracy
Small, Low-Power PCIe Packet Switches Are Cost-Effective
High-Voltage Module Will Augment RF CMOS Technology

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upcoming industry events |

International Conference on Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP '07)
July 9-11
Montreal, Canada

IPC Midwest Conference & Exhibition
Sept. 22-28
Schaumburg, Ill.

AdvancedTCA Summit 2007
Oct. 16-18
Santa Clara, Calif.

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ED bookstore |

The Beginner's Guide to PSoC Express
By Oliver H. Bailey

While PSoC Express is easy to use, it isn't always intuitive for creating particular solutions because of its flexibility. Oliver Bailey presents a cookbook of useful PSoC applications.

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