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Kit Helps pSOS Users Implement Java

The PERC Integration Kit is a family of development and integration software tools for users of the pSOS real-time operating system who wish to take advantage of the Java language. PERC is a clean-room Java implementation that provides unique memory management capabilities for real-time embedded systems. The kit contains a customized PERC virtual machine that supports accurate real-time garbage collection and deterministic real-time tasking. It also includes the ROMizer, a tool that stores class files for execution out of ROM to reduce system memory requirements. There's also PERCH, an integration tool that assists developers of native methods, and class libraries for lang, util, io and net. PERC has the ability to understand and execute Java code, thus bringing the benefits of Java to pSOS developers. It can require as little as 512 kbytes of memory. The kit supports pSOS version 2.2.2 or above running on a PowerPC or 68000 processor.


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