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PGA ZIF Test Socket Handles Wide Range Of Devices

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A new 9 x 9 grid size PGA ZIF Test Socket allows the use of just one socket to handle a full range of device sizes, footprints and pin counts. A strong metal cam in the socket activates the ZIF's normally closed contacts, which eliminates dependency on plastic to sustain contact force. The socket plugs into standard PGA sockets and has replaceable pins. Manufactured of UL 94V-0 polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), its contacts are either beryllium copper alloy 174, 1/2 hard, or spinodal alloy. Each contact has a current rating of 1A. The company offers a variety of plating options including tin/lead to MIL-T-10727 or gold to MIL-G-45204. The contacts accept leads of .014" to .026" in diameter, and .120" to .290" long. Pricing for a fully-loaded socket starts at $23.50 each/100.

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