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Software Suite Addresses MEMS Device And System Design

MEMCAD 4.6 is an enhanced version of the MEMCAD suite of software products for complex MEMS device and system design. This version extends the suite's device, system, and packaging design capabilities with improvements to model electrostatic spring softening effects in RF resonators and coriolis effects in gyros used in navigation and platform stabilization.

A Java-based user interface supplies platform-independent access to the suite. Also, the expanded operating-system support now includes Microsoft Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and HP HPUX.

Catapult, a 100% Java, user-friendly, full-featured, two-dimensional (2D) layout editor, is included as well. This tool directly addresses MEMS requirements and design rules, and it includes curve fitting and all-angle data support. Additionally, it lets users perform 2D mask design of MEMS devices completely within the MEMCAD environment.

Overall, the suite offers solid model generation capability that supports all common surface, bulk, and LIGA micromachined devices. It also supports automeshing of tetrahedral elements for easier and faster creation of a mesh for three-dimensional simulation.

Available immediately, pricing for the base MEMCAD 4.6 system starts at $50,000.

Microcosm Technologies Inc., 5511 Capital Center Dr., Suite 104, Raleigh, NC 27606; (919) 854-7500; fax (919) 854-7501; www.memcad.com.

See associated figure.

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