Thermo Fisher showcases fab and lab products at SEMICON China

March 14, 2018

Shanghai, China. Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced new products that improve quality control and yield in semiconductor manufacturing. These new products are being showcased at SEMICON China in Shanghai through March 14-16, 2018.

“Thermo Fisher has deep roots in the advanced analytical technologies used to control manufacturing processes and diagnose the root causes of process and product failures in semiconductor and display manufacturing,” said Rob Krueger, vice president and general manager for semiconductors at Thermo Fisher. “This week, we are introducing new products that help propel the rapid pace of innovation and continuing expansion of semiconductor manufacturing capacity in Asia, and particularly, in China.”

Verios G4 extreme high-resolution SEM

The Thermo Scientific Verios G4 extreme high-resolution (XHR) scanning electron microscope (SEM) delivers the capability and flexibility needed to determine root-cause defects, yield losses, and process and product failures. “The Verios G4 is an SEM-only solution derived from our widely successful Helios family of DualBeam (focused ion beam/SEM) instruments,” said Krueger. “It offers industry-leading performance across a wide range of conditions, especially at the low voltages required for beam-sensitive materials used in advanced processes.”

Hyperion II fast and efficient nanoprober

Nanoprobers make direct electrical measurements of individual transistors. The new Thermo Scientific Hyperion II, which the company describes as the only commercially available nanoprober based on an atomic force microscope (AFM), eliminates the vacuum requirements and e-beam/sample interactions of SEM-based nanoprobers. The Hyperion II’s automated operation and imaging modes are designed for speed and ease of use. In addition, its ability to precisely localize electrical faults may improve the speed and efficiency of subsequent DualBeam or TEM analysis.

iCAP TQs ICP-MS for fast and reliable chemical monitoring

The Thermo Scientific iCAP TQs inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) is a dedicated semiconductor version of the established iCAP TQ ICP-MS. It provides the fast, reliable, and reproducible measurement of low-level contaminants in ultrahigh purity (UHP) chemicals required to support automated at-line monitoring and statistical process control for advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. The iCAP TQs ICP-MS provides new levels of ultra-low detection and simplicity in a single high-performance solution. Moving chemical analysis from the lab to the fab is now possible with this new system and allows at-line control of chemical baths, which optimizes response times.

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