SEMI unveils industry’s first power and compound fab outlook

Nov. 29, 2018
MILPITAS, CASEMI, the global industry association serving the global electronics manufacturing supply chain, has announced the industry’s first worldwide fab data for power and compound semiconductors. The new report, Power and Compound Fab Outlook, provides comprehensive front-end semiconductor fab information and a forecast to 2022 for global manufacturing capabilities of power and compound semiconductors.

Power devices are rising in importance as energy-efficiency standards tighten to meet growing demand for power-thrifty high-end consumer electronics, wireless communications, electric vehicles, green energy, data centers, and both industrial and consumer IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Semiconductor fabs around the globe have responded with improvements to power usage in every aspect of electronics including power harvesting, delivery, transformation, storage, and consumption. Cost structure and performance are critical in power electronics, dictating the pace of market growth and technology adoption.

With compound materials driving significant gains in the energy efficiency of power devices, the Power and Compound Fab Outlook highlights particular compound materials that have been adopted in semiconductor fabs. The report is an essential business tool for anyone interested in related tool and material markets as well as power and compound materials capacity in fabs by region and wafer sizes.


  • 12-year fab data by quarter from 2011 to 2022
  • Over 890 listings with 530 compound-related and over 430 power-related facilities.
  • High-level summaries, tables, graphs, down to company and fab details
  • Capacity and investments by wafer size, product type and regions
  • Technology highlights for LED, Epitaxy, IGBT, HEMT, MOSFET, BCD, MOCVD and other devices
  • Information on materials including SiC, GaN, GaAs, InP, III-V and II-VI
  • Construction and equipment investments (by quarter) past, current and forecast
  • Fab capacity (installed, by quarter), past, current, planned and expansion forecast
  • Fab status including greenfield projects, fab closures and wafer size transition

For more information about SEMI’s Power and Compound Fab Outlook or to download sample data from the report, please click here.

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