Atec Ae Techron 8500 Series Amplifiers

ATEC Expands Amplifier Rental Inventory with the AE Techron 8500 Series

June 4, 2020

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC), announced that it will expand its amplifier rental inventory with the AE Techron 8500 Series of amplifiers. The AE Techron 8500 Series is a series of amplifiers for EMC conducted immunity testing, MIL-PRF capacitor tests, DC automotive dropout testing, and as a variable AC source for ISO 61000, Aviation and Power Quality Measurements. ATEC is a rental provider of test equipment for EMC, aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics, and many other sectors.

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation provides top-of-the-line test and measurement equipment to perform function tests, and other required tests to meet standards such as ANSI, CE Marking, IEC/EN, FCC, ISO, and MIL-STD. ATEC’s vast inventory of rental solutions includes amplifiers, power supplies, loads, and a variety of other EMC related equipment. Advanced Test Equipment Corporation works closely with manufacturers like AE Techron to provide customers with short-term and long-term rental options for the latest technology in the industry, like the 8500 Series of amplifiers.

The AE Techron 8500 Amplifier Series is scalable, available in power levels from a 4 kW, 3U, single-phase, benchtop model (model 8504), to mini rack systems that can deliver up to 100 kVA of power into reactive loads at currents of up to 300 ARMS (models 8508, 8512, 8516, and 8520). An 8500 series amplifier has a collection of advantages: wide bandwidth, very low noise, high efficiency, and the ability to safely drive a wide variety of load types and impedances.

“This is a great addition to our amplifier rental fleet,” said Gabe Alcala, Business Development Manager at Advanced Test Equipment Corporation. “Customers are always in need of additional options for scalable amplifiers and the AE Techron 8500 Series does exactly that.” For more on the AE Techron 8500 Series visit

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