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Innovators in Electronic Design - Trailblazer: Ding Yandoc, Nexperia

Dec. 14, 2022
Ding Yandoc is the inventor of, and driving force behind, Nexperia's LFPAK technology. LFPAK, a unique clip-bond package for power MOSFETs, first transformed the semiconductor industry over 20 years ago and continues to lead the field.

This article is part of the Innovators 2023 issue.

Ding Yandoc, the inventor of, and driving force behind, Nexperia's industry-leading LFPAK technology. LFPAK, a unique clip-bond package for power MOSFETs first transformed the semiconductor industry over two decades ago and, thanks to Ding's tireless dedication to continuous improvement, this innovative technology continues to lead the field.

Twenty years ago, LFPAK’s unique continuous clip and gullwing pins represented a radical departure from the designs of the day, disrupting the industry by outperforming the traditional Power-SO8 package. LFPAK’s extremely low electrical and thermal resistance to the PCB, coupled with its low levels of RDS(on), delivered the lowest power losses of any package type on the market.

Early adopters of this innovative technology gained more performance improvements than they could ever have hoped for in a MOSFET package. Initial deployments of LFPAK included engine control systems, braking and ABS products, and power steering.

Semiconductor technology may have evolved significantly over the last twenty years, but LFPAK has kept pace, as Nexperia continues innovating, refining, and improving the latest iteration, pushing the envelope of what is possible. Ongoing industry demands for miniaturization and improved performance have been matched by LFPAK’s higher performance, minimized RDS(on), lower clip weight, reduced gate pad, and thinner wafers. While competitors have tried continuously to emulate the design and success of LFPAK, Nexperia’s early lead and continuous improvement culture has ensured that we still lead the way in this pioneering technology.

This unassailable market position is directly attributable to the stewardship of one individualDing Yandocwho we passionately believe is a natural candidate for the Trailblazer award. Ding graduated from Adamson University in the Philippines with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, and it didn’t take long for him to establish his credentials as a born innovator.

Ding's first invention, the “twister,” enabled the fully automated cleaning of a package adhesive dispensing tool, resulting in significant time and cost savings for his employer of the time, Philippines-based Amkor Technology. From that moment, back in 1997, his restless curiosity drove his rapid career development, from Machine Technician to Development Engineer, gathering in-depth knowledge of products and plastic molding techniques along the way.

Ding brought this innovative approach and wealth of experience to Phillips Semiconductors back in 1999, when he joined as Senior Package Development Engineer. His prime responsibility was development of the LFPAK technology.

Since his move to the U.K., in 2004, when not hiking and camping in the great outdoors, Ding has been integrally involved in the conceptualization and development of package designs for MOSFET and gallium-nitride (GaN) products. Not limiting his energies to product development, he has disseminated his considerable knowledge to instruct new engineers in the use of AutoCAD software while liaising across key functional departments within Nexperia.

In nominating Ding, Nexperia is recognizing his invaluable and long-term contribution to the continued success of this innovative and market-leading technology.

  This article is part of the Innovators 2023 issue.

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