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How to Test Your Device with Very Fast Pulses

May 5, 2020
Some of today’s “hottest” applications require the use of devices that operate with pulse widths of a few nanoseconds and rise times of less than 1 ns. Learn how to generate pulses as short at 10 μs in this application note.

Learn new techniques to optimize cable connectivity to generate clean 10 μs pulses in this application note.  You’ll see how new pulse technology requires no tuning for any kind of device as long as the unit is operated within its specification. The result is a convenient solution for using high current pulse measurement and low current DC measurement together without changing connections.


A Deep Dive into Audio Jack Switches and Configurations

The audio jack is an industry-standard connector that has many potential uses in addition to providing basic audio connectivity.

What is the Most Effective Way to Commutate a BLDC Motor?

Brushless direct current electric motors, or BLDC motors for short, are electronically commutated motors powered by a dc electric source via an external motor controller. Unlike...

MEMS versus ECM: Comparing Microphone Technologies

Increasing numbers of devices utilize microphones to capture sound. Two of the most commonly used microphone technologies are MEMS and ECM.

A Designer's Guide to Lithium (Li-ion) Battery Charging

This designer's guide helps you discover how you can safely and rapidly charge lithium (LI-ion) batteries to 20%-70% capacity in about 20-30 minutes.