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Ground Tests of Photovoltaically Powered Satellites Require Fast, Flexible Solar Array Simulation

As satellites increasingly rely on photovoltaic arrays for power, reliable ground testing becomes crucial.
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Understanding phase noise fundamentals

This brief technical paper covers phase noise concepts as well as an overview of how phase noise is measured and reported. Learn more about phase noise and its role in oscillators...
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Understanding Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)

Learn about digital modulation schemes used in modern radio frequency communications technologies along with the basics of error vector magnitude (EVM). Discover the uses of constellati...
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An overview to testing RF amplifier designs

Get an overview of testing rf amplifier designs with focus on verification, characterization, repeatability, and throughput. Discover the the important characteristics and testing...
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Automotive eBook: Accelerate Vehicle Electrification With the Smallest, Lightest Power Modules

EV sales for both pure battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are accelerating rapidly.
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Ruggedness and High Performance Demand The Input Of Cable Design Specialists

Uncover the pivotal role of specialized cable design in achieving unparalleled system reliability and performance in extreme environments. Learn how innovation in cable technology...
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Connectors Get Flexible

Unveil the future of connectivity with modular, hybrid, and adaptable connectors. This overview highlights their critical role in versatile, high-stress environments, offering...
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The Future of Circular Connectors

Explore the evolution and future of circular connectors, covering their vital role in tech advancements across diverse sectors. Discover how these connectors are meeting today...
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Characterizing the Material Properties of Polymers for Automotive Applications

This application card demonstrates a simplified method for material characterization in the automotive radar frequency domain (76 GHz to 81 GHz) based on the R&S®QAR50 automotive...