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Whitepaper: IoT Connectivity Considerations and Wi-Fi 6E

In today's world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is more crucial than ever in providing connectivity for applications from automotive, industrial, and healthcare. This makes choosing...
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The Designer’s Guide to: Common Considerations When Selecting a kHz Crystal

KHz crystals are a key component of electronic oscillator circuits which create electrical signals with precise frequency. They are used in most electronics across major markets...
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Risk Management for Medical Device Embedded Systems

Learn about the challenges and complexities of implementing functional safety and cybersecurity in the design of medical devices. These methodologies ensure that the device hardware...
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Magnetic Components Minimize Noise While Optimizing Efficiency in High-Performance Applications

Advanced magnetic components are critical for optimizing electric vehicle chargers, connected appliances, power supplies, inverters, and battery management systems. As innovations...
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Enhancing the User Experience Using the Latest Interface Tools

Take a deep dive into the latest trends and tools for building better applications.
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Oil-field Services Company Chooses New AC Programmable Sources to Upgrade Legacy Equipment

In this application note, learn about an oil-field services company that needed to replace their aging AC sources used in downhole tooling for drilling operations.
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Safe operation for DC power supplies in any load circuit

Connecting a DC power supply to a load appears to be a simple, straightforward task. In other situations, it can be a challenge. This white paper will describe various types of...
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How much can you save with a regenerative load?

Burn-in testing, battery testing and other processes confront engineers with a major problem: Where to put the excess energy? This white paper discusses the savings potential ...