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Fast validation of EMC test sites above 1 GHz with time domain S(VSWR)

Sept. 23, 2020
The R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer together with the R&S®HF907 double-ridged waveguide horn antenna provides fast and accurate TD SVSWR measurements in line with ANSI C63.25.

The R&S®ZNB20 two-port vector network analyzer with its time domain analysis functions together with the R&S®HF907 double-ridged waveguide horn antenna is the ideal solution for fast and accurate site validation measurements using the TD SVSWR method in line with ANSI C63.25.

The motivation to use the ANSI time domain method is that it takes less time to perform the site validation of an EMC test site for above 1 GHz testing than with the CISPR method, with the added benefit of indicating where the site or chamber is imperfect.


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