Rtp Oscilloscope Test And Measurement 1200x900

Analyzing Automotive Radar Signals With An Oscilloscope

Oct. 1, 2020
The R&S®RTP oscilloscope is ideal for characterizing the new generation of radar sensors. The radar signals are either acquired directly from the radar sensor as baseband signals or downconverted by a mixer to the oscilloscope’s bandwidth.

Analyzing RF pulses is a key aspect of pulsed radar applications, e.g. in air traffic control (ATC), maritime radar or scientific measurements of the ionosphere. Analyzing the modulation of the pulse is essential, because it contains important information to characterize the application. The R&S®RTO and R&S®RTP oscilloscopes can precisely trigger on and analyze RF pulses. This document describes the use of the R&S®RTO and R&S®RTP to demodulate RF pulses for further measurements.


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