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PCI 5.0 Express Transmitter Validation

Sept. 15, 2021
PCIe test and debug Tx, Refclk and Rx solutions can guide you through compliance testing and debug prior to an interoperability workshop to ensure your design meets the PCI-SIG® PCIe standards requirements with a high degree of confidence.

PCI-SIG® compliance workshops host compliance testing to allow for product testing against the PCI-SIG defined test suite. To achieve formal compliance a product must pass a minimum of 80 percent of the interoperability tests and pass all the normative (required) compliance tests. A significant percentage of next-gen PCIe devices fail their first interoperability workshop for PHY and link training compliance. Learn about Tektronix PCI-SIG approved test suites for all data rates (Tx, Rx, and PLL bandwidth).


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