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The Insider’s Guide to an Excellent UX for Non-UX People

June 1, 2022
An excellent UX can provide something that most other facets of your business cannot, a direct path to the customer’s heart. Get this guide to learn all things in UX related to product development: what it is, why it matters & what you can do about it.

After reading this paper, it will come as no surprise that companies like Apple and Tesla that invest heavily in UX are market leaders. It gives you an overview of the most important steps to consider for an excellent UX.

You'll learn:

  • The complete definition of UX
  • What draws people’s attention when it comes to UX
  • How to create UX personas and why it matters
  • What to consider when designing the first-time user experience (FTUE)
  • The key aspects of product design and development covering UI and UX
  • How to build a working UX process
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