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Poster: The History and Future of Wi-Fi

June 28, 2022
Over the past three decades, IEEE 802.11, commonly referred to as Wi-Fi, has evolved from 2 Mbps to multi-gigabit speeds. Find out how IEEE 802.11 has developed along the years and the expansion of its use cases.

From WaveLAN, the starting point for Wi-Fi development to enhancements for extreme high throughput (EHT), this poster covers the History and Future of Wi-Fi.

Find everything you need on a poster:

  • Numbering and structuring from the first Wi-Fi 802.11b to the latest 802.11be also known as Wi-Fi 7
  • Technology evolution in terms of bandwidth, spectrum, modulation and antenna schemes
  • Different Wi-Fi variants for automotive applications (11p, 11be), IoT use cases (11ah, 11af) and couch & desktop networks (11ad, 11ay)
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