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Molex 5 G Micro Connector Mwrf

mmWave RF Connectors Grant Freedom to Mobile Device Manufacturers

Oct. 18, 2021
Molex’s robust micro-connector, meant for next-generation antenna modules, meets demanding 5G mmWave applications up to 25 GHz.

This Microwaves & RF article is reprinted here with permission.

The Overview

Hoping to aid makers of RF antenna modules—and designers of mobile devices—in saving space on printed-circuit boards while optimizing high-speed 5G components, Molex's new Flex-to-Board RF mmWave Connector 5G25 series of interconnects supports high-speed data transfers in a compact footprint.

Who Needs It And Why

Let’s say you’re designing an RF antenna module, or, even better, the main board in a new mobile device on which that module will reside. Space is at a premium, but so is high-speed connectivity and support for 5G, which, for the foreseeable future, mobile devices must possess. According to Molex’s recent global survey, The Future of Mobile Devices, 82% of respondents expect consumers will see substantial benefits from their mobile devices within five years. Further, respondents ranked mmWave 5G as the leading disruptive technology in smart mobile devices. Thus, Molex’s 5G25 series of interconnects could be among the elements that make that next-generation mobile flagship happen.

Under the Hood

The Molex Flex-to-Board RF Connector 5G25 series supports high-speed data transmission of up to 25 GHz in a very small interconnect that offers extra protection from harsh environmental conditions. With a signal pitch of 0.35 mm, a mated body height of only 0.6 mm, and a short body width of 2.5 mm and length of 3.6 mm, the compact connectors increase flexibility for PCB designers. Moreover, the 5G25 enables designers of RF antenna modules and mobile devices to combine RF and non-RF signals, which reduces the need for additional connectors while producing additional space and cost savings. 

The 5G25 features full electromagnetic-interference (EMI) shielding, encompassing both RF terminal and full connector shielding to ensure superior signal integrity. By employing a center shield-in contact with receptacle and plug, each row can be isolated to boost overall signal-integrity stability. Additionally, Molex’s fully-shielded design delivers excellent far-field gain performance, which is ideal for connecting 5G antennas to the rest of the transceiver.  

The Molex Flex-to-Board RF Connector 5G25 series facilitates fast, trouble-free assembly with excellent “click feeling” to prevent faulty mating. Additionally, the ultra-compact connectors feature robust peel force to increase reliability and minimize the load on assembly operators or automatic assembly machines. 

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