Murata’s EMI suppression filters deliver high attenuation

June 1, 2015

Murata today announced the expansion of its BNX series of surface-mount, LC combined-type EMI suppression filters for the automotive, industrial-electronic-equipment, and healthcare applications. The BNX26-29 products incorporate an exclusive circuit configuration that combines capacitors and ferrite beads to achieve superior frequency characteristics and improved attenuation characteristics for highly effective noise dampening. Further, the BNX filters cover a wide range of frequencies, from the kilohertz to the gigahertz bands. They are also compatible with large currents and high voltages.

In recent years, the demand for increased functionality in devices has intensified the need to reduce noise levels and driven the demand for filters that have improved attenuation characteristics. In response, Murata expanded the BNX series (BNX026/27/28/29) to deliver these high attenuation characteristics over a wider bandwidth range.

The filters can serve in power supply circuits susceptible to low-frequency-band noise. Parts with a voltage rating of 50 V (BNX026H01) are suitable for automotive applications requiring support for high voltages. Additionally, the BNX series is suitable for noise reduction on DC power lines in electronic equipment, automobiles, medical equipment, factory automation equipment, control equipment, communication equipment, digital AV equipment, and other applications.

“In order to outpace evolving demands, we continually tap into Murata’s technological leadership and deep understanding of numerous markets,” stated Frank Yang, application engineer, Murata Americas. “The BNX series represents that and enables us to provide design engineers with the leading-edge solutions that they need.”

Samples of the BNX series are available through Murata authorized distributors with an approximate lead time of four weeks.

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