Nordson ASYMTEK to address chip-on-wafer packaging, EMI coating at IMAPS event

March 3, 2017

Carlsbad, CA. Nordson ASYMTEK, a global provider of dispensing, jetting, and coating equipment, will present a technical paper and poster session at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference being held March 7-9 in Fountain Hills, AZ.

On Wednesday, March 8, Akira Morita, business development manager, Nordson ASYMTEK, will present a poster titled, “EMI Shielding: Improving Sidewall Coverage with Tilt Spray Coating,” authored by Michael Szuch, senior applications engineer, Nordson ASYMTEK. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, wearables, and the IoT are all examples of recent technologies that rely on different radio frequencies. As manufacturers continue to design thinner, smaller devices, it has become increasingly important to develop reliable EMI shielding solutions at the individual component level through the application of thin conductive coating. To address this challenge, Nordson ASYMTEK partnered with a number of fluid formulators to explore the use of a tilted spray applicator to improve directional spray accuracy and sidewall coverage. Attend the session to see the results and to learn how tilt spray coating can improve EMI shielding.

On Thursday, March 9, Nordson ASYMTEK applications engineer Hanzhuang Liang will present “High-throughput Underfill Dispense in Chip-on-Wafer Packaging.” The continuous demand for cost reduction and component miniaturization in device packaging has encouraged the use of wafer-level packaging, such as the chip-on-wafer process, which utilizes underfill dispensing. The trend towards smaller, more densely assembled components has led to exponential challenges in underfill dispensing. Attend the technical session to learn about the high-precision, high-throughput underfill dispensing process developed to conquer these challenges.

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