TDK’s compact 6- to 30-A 250-V EMC filters are easy to install

March 26, 2018

TDK Corp. has announced the introduction of the TDK-Lambda RSEV Series EMC filters, with a voltage of 250 VAC/VDC and a choice of 6-, 10-, 16-, 20-, and 30-A currents ratings. The RSEV has an integrated touch-resistant terminal block with recessed, captive screws. Hardware cannot be misplaced or dropped inside the system enclosure. The filters are suitable for general-purpose use in a range of industrial and communications equipment.

The RSEV is chassis-mountable, or with an optional kit can be attached to industry-standard DIN rails. The maximum weight is 150 g for the 30-A model. All models share a common package size of 85 mm × 39 mm × 30 mm (L x W x H), a 37% reduction in size compared with previous models (RSEN 30A). The filters have an operating ambient temperature rating of -25 to +85°C with derating above 55°C.

The series has a maximum earth leakage current of 1 mA at 250 VAC, 60 Hz, is safety certified to UL 1283, CSA C22.2 No. 8, and EN 60939-3 standards with compliancy to the RoHS2 Directive. A five-year warranty is standard.

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