S-Video Drivers Increase Battery Life While Removing Glitches

April 9, 2007
Intersil’s ISL59114 and ISL59116 low-power composite video drivers provide low-pass reconstruction filters for smoothing out switching glitches and quantization noise.

Two 9-MHz low-pass reconstruction filters made by Intersil Corp. target quantization noise and switching glitches created by video DACs on the analog output signal. The devices, housed on ultra-slim µTQFN or chip-scale packages, have integrated gain-of-two buffers and a summer that recombines the S-video signal to provide a composite video output for applications where the DAC does not provide a composite video out.

The ISL59114 and ISL59116 feature a power-down current of only 0.5 µA as well as a very low quiescent current during video operation. The low current draw, combined with operation from a single 2.5- to 3.6-V supply, make the units well suited for handheld, battery-operated devices. The gain-of-two buffers provide enough output drive current and gain to compensate for double-terminated video loads. The devices have an output slew rate of 40 V/µs and provide a full rail-to-rail output level.

Target applications include video amplifiers, portable video players, MP3 players, cable and satellite set-top boxes, video handsets, handheld products, personal video recorders, and HDTVs. The ISL59114 comes in a 10-lead µTQFN package, and the ISL59116 comes in a 9-lead chip-scale package. Both are available now and cost $3.88 each in lots of 1000. For more information, visit www.intersil.com.


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