DC-DC Converters Boost Power Levels In RF Applications

April 23, 2007
Three new modules in the PKJ 4000 family of dc-dc converters from Ericsson Power Modules extend the series’ range to 350 W.

Ericsson Power Modules has added three models to its PKJ 4000 series of dc-dc converters, including the PKJ 4316 API, which extends the family’s output capability to 350 W (28.2 V, 12.4 A). The other two units are the PKJ 4316 P rated at 310 W (28.2 V, 11 A) and the PKJ 4216N PI, which is rated at 250 W (30.2 V, 8.3 A). Input for all three modules, which come in the industry-standard half-brick format, is a nominal 48 V, with an operating range of 35 to 75 V. Their high power outputs and high efficiency make them well suited for use in demanding RF power amplifier applications.

The converters include output overvoltage, input undervoltage, over-temperature, and output short-circuit protection. They also feature soft-start, remote sensing, remote control, and output voltage adjust functions. The modules are RoHS-compliant and their mechanical design employs a metal-to-metal architecture to attach the base plate, affording them high thermal conductivity. Their height of 12.7 mm is standard for use in RF power-amplifier applications. To minimize radiated EMI, the converters include a ground plane in the pc-board area under the dc-dc converter. This approach returns switching noise to ground as directly as possible, and it also minimizes susceptibility to EMI.

Contact the company for availability information. PRICING
The PKJ 4316 API costs $50 in OEM quantities. FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.ericsson.com/powermodules.


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