Power Supply Produces 150 kV, 1200 W From 220 V AC Input

June 4, 2007
Spellman High Voltage Electronics has expanded its SL series of power supplies with the SL150kV 5U unit.

The SL150kV high-voltage power supply provides 150-kV output at 1200 W from a standard input voltage of 220 V ac, single-phase, ±10%. The supply, an addition to Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp.’s SL series, is also available with an optional 200-V ac input. Users can configure the 8.75-in. (5U) rack-mounted unit for a positive, negative, or reversible output polarity. To simplify system integration, the output is accessible through a detachable 10-ft, shielded high-voltage cable. The high-voltage output section is solidly encapsulated, isolating the circuitry from the environment in order to ensure a corona-free and maintenance-free supply.

Front-panel and remote interfacing features of the SL150kV are identical to those of the standard SL series. Included are digital metering and a comprehensive fault diagnostic display, along with extensive remote control interfacing capability. The SL150kV offers fast-acting, programmable voltage and current control loops and is fully protected against arc and short-circuit discharge conditions. A variety of standard options is available to customize the unit for specific user requirements. Real-time arc monitoring, arc count, arc quench and re-ramp circuitry, along with durable resistive output limiting assemblies, protect both the power supply and the load during fault conditions.

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