June 7, 2007

June 7, 2007
New 'GIG' Becomes More Of A Reality
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New Webcast: Advances in Mixed Signal Testing presented by LeCroy and Electronic Design FEATURES ENGINEERING FEATURE · Don Tuite New "GIG" Becomes More Of A Reality As the implementation of the Global Information Grid begins, engineers stand by as practical challenges could lead to new job opportunities. TECHNOLOGY REPORT · Roger Allan MEMS On The Move: Motion Sensors For The Masses Applications reap the benefits of steady advances in low-cost, low-power, and small-size advances in a maturing MEMS sensor technology. ENGINNERING ESSENTIALS · Louis E. Frenzel Put High-Speed Communications To The Test Faster serial-data links push test and measurement technology to its limits in the battle against skew, noise, and jitter.
DEPARTMENTS LEAPFROG: FIRST LOOK · William Wong Software Probes Monitor And Repair Applications The SensorPoint technology puts new code in existing applications for debugging and patch delivery. DESIGN SOLUTION · William E. Lamie, Express Logic Inc. Rise Of Multiprocessing/Multithreading Sharpens Focus On Interrupts Using multiprocessing and multithreading architectures in conjunction helps generate higher performance in a range of applications. IDEAS FOR DESIGN · High-Speed Full-Wave Rectifier Requires No Diodes, Few Parts
By Michael Wong and Tamara Papalias, Intersil Corp. · Use Current-Mirror Biasing To Avoid Squegging In RF Oscillators
By Madhu Siddalingaiah, SEA Corp. COMPONENT VIEW · Optoelectronics
THE INDUSTRY · Kristina Fiore · OLED TVs Get Ready To Hit The Japanese Market ANALOG & POWER · Don Tuite · Arc-Detecting Circuit Breakers Will See Wider Use DIGITAL · Daniel Harris · FPGAs Boot In A Flash EDA · David Maliniak · Productivity Gains Eliminate Verification Bottlenecks TEST · Louis E. Frenzel · Instrumentation 2.0: How Software-Defined Instrumentation Is Changing T&M COLUMNSSPONSORED EDITORIAL EDITORIAL · Mark David Following Engineering Passions Earns Admission To The Lunatic Fringe PEASE PORRIDGE · Bob Pease Bob's Mailbox POINT OF VIEW · Jeff Bock, Freescale Semiconductor Yes, You Can Easily Shift From 8-Bit to 32-Bit MCUs DESIGN FAQsFingerprint AuthenticationElectronic Design TOC e-Newsletter Contacts

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