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Gain Blocks Eye A Variety Of Wireless Infrastructures

Dec. 22, 2009
Gain Blocks Eye A Variety Of Wireless Infrastructures
Targeting applications with operating frequencies from 40 MHz to 6 GHz, the company introduces three flat-gain, high-linearity low-noise gain blocks that are deployable as broadband gain blocks or RF driver amplifiers MMIC. In SOT-89 packages measuring 4.5 mm x 4.1 mm x 1.5 mm, the gain blocks are suitable for use in cellular devices, WiMax wireless base stations, plus satellite and cable TV set-top boxes. The MGA-30789 supports applications operating from 40 MHz to 2.6 GHz. Typically operating at 5V and 110 mA, it delivers 11.8 dB of gain, a 40-dBm output third order intercept point, an output power of 24.5 dBm at 1-dB gain compression, and a noise figure of 3.5 dB at 3.5 MHz. The MGA-30889 covers 40 MHz to 2.6 GHz, typically operating at 5V and 65 mA. It delivers 15.5 dB of gain, 37-dBM OIP3, 20-dBm P1dB, and a 2.1-dB noise figure at 900 MHz. For a 2 GHz to 6 GHz bandwidth, the MGA-30989 operating at 5V and 56 mA provides a 12.4-dB gain, 36-dBM OIP3, 22-dBM P1db, and a 2-dB noise figure at 3.5 GHz. Prices for the MGA-30789 and MGA-30889/30989 start from $1.69 and $1.25 each/10,000, respectively. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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