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X-FAB Adds eFlash To 0.18µm Process

July 18, 2011
X-FAB has developed a new embedded flash solution for its XH018 0.18µm high-voltage process. It uses just 32 mask layers which is the lowest available today

Erfurt, Germany: To bolster its XH018 0.18µm high-voltage process, X-FAB has developed a new embedded flash solution. According to the foundry, the mask count of 32 mask layers for the modular combination of digital, analogue and high-voltage features with embedded Flash (the Flash module itself requires only two masks) is the lowest available.

The new solution supports operating voltages up to 45V, and parallel integration of EEPROM, NVRAM, and eFlash storage architectures. As a result, it will find homes in high-speed microcontroller, digital power, and automotive applications.

Available in two different ready-to-use blocks—8k by 32-bit and 16k by 32-bit—the eFlash solution is claimed to be easy to integrate, offers fast access, and is more robust than external memory solutions. It includes optional error-correcting-code (ECC) capability, allowing errors to be corrected on-the-fly.

The new solution requires 1.8V and 3.3V operating voltages, and offers a 50-ns access time independent of temperature, voltage, and process changes within the entire operating range. Power consumption is a mere 200mA/MHz, and support for high-temperature read operation for junction temperature runs up to 175°C.

The XH018 NVM design kit and flash IP blocks, which can be licensed, are available now from X-FAB’s online technical information platform X-TIC. The EEPROM IP blocks will arrive in the fourth quarter of this year. Ready-to-use blocks are undergoing comprehensive testing as part of the qualification process. X-FAB says it plans to offer additional memory sizes and high-temperature characterisation early next year.



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