Gesture-Based Video Game Showcases Advanced MCU Performance

April 26, 2024
PSOC Edge opens the door to a new generation of responsive machine-learning-based, user-centric edge devices.
William Wong | Electronic Design

This video is part of the TechXchange: AI on the Edge.

PSOC Edge is Infineon's machine-learning (ML)-enhanced sensing, low-power, secured, and advanced HMI high-performance microcontroller family. It gives designers the opportunity to deliver highly usable end-user experiences for next-generation devices. In this video, an Infineon engineer explains a live demo using a gesture-capture game to highlight the capabilities of the MCU.

The new family opens the door to a new generation of responsive ML-based user-centric edge devices by providing hardware-accelerated neural-net compute support. It delivers both "always-on" low-power and high-performance operation in a fully integrated microcontroller with right-sized peripherals, on-chip memories, and advanced security.

PSOC Edge is also supported by enablements that developers can leverage for their current and future design needs. With strong ecosystem partners, comprehensive documentation, and the ModusToolbox software, integrated with Imagimob's Studio AI solution, PSOC Edge provides the hardware, software, and tool offerings to enhance the design experience and help accelerate time-to-market.

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