Tiny Accelerometer Offers Advanced Feature Set

May 3, 2024
Addressing stylish and minimalistic wearables, these next-generation accelerometers provide speech processing and voice enhancement among other functions.
William Wong | Electronic Design

The BMA530 and BMA580 from Bosch Sensortec leverage cutting-edge sensor technology that enhance the capabilities of hearables. They include features such as gesture and context recognition, speech processing, voice enhancement, and precise head orientation tracking. The BMA580 is especially designed for compact devices such as hearables requiring the smallest components.

An accelerometer with an advanced feature set, the 1.2- × 0.8- × 0.55-mm BMA530 targets minimalistic wearables requiring less sensor size, especially a lower height. The accelerometer integrates functionalities like step-counter and generic interrupts for easy use.

The BMA580 is an acceleration sensor with novel voice activity detection through bone conduction. Offering advanced power-mode features, it's the smallest acceleration sensor (1.2 × 0.8 × 0.55 mm³) available, according to Bosch, for compact solutions such as hearables that demand the smallest components. The sensor ensures that the microphone is turned on only if necessary to detect voice activity and save power.

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