Putting a Class D Audio Amplifier Through Its Paces

May 2, 2022
Editor Bill Wong takes a look at Diodes' 12-W PAM8965 audio-amplifier evaluation module.

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Diodes Inc. provides a range of analog and power products. For this Kit Close-up video, I take a look at the PAM8965 EVM. The PAM8965 can drive a pair of 4-Ω speakers at up to 12 W (see figure)

The PAM8965's integrated amplifier efficiency can hit 92% with a low quiescent current of only 10 mA and very low shutdown current of 0.7 μA.

Some features include spread-spectrum modulation (SSM) for EMI suppression, allowing for the use of inexpensive ferrite bead filters. The non-clipping power limit utilizes a 41-step automatic gain control.

External audio feedback pins make it possible to customize sound by using feedback network design.

Thermal foldback support cuts back output power if the chip heats up. Also included is undervoltage and overvoltage protection, dc protection for speakers, short-circuit protection on all audio outputs, and cycle-by-cycle current limit on the boost converter.


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