Free IJTAG workshop shows reuse of embedded instrument IP

Feb. 19, 2015

ASSET InterTech and Mentor Graphics will present technical half-day workshops on the newly approved IEEE 1687 IJTAG standard for embedded instruments in cities across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

“Reusing IP cuts costs and delivers systems to market faster. Now, with IJTAG, embedded instrument IP is portable and reusable across the entire life cycle from chips to boards and systems,” said Al Crouch, vice chairman of the IJTAG working group and ASSET’s chief technologist. “And the emergence of an IJTAG ecosystem with interoperable IJTAG tools like ours and Mentor’s has empowered a new dimension in advanced diagnostics. Engineers can pinpoint precisely the root cause of a fault no matter whether it’s in a chip or on the circuit board. That wasn’t efficient until now.”

Instructors for the workshops will include Crouch from ASSET and several of Mentor’s engineering managers who participated in the development of the IJTAG standard. Beginning February 19, workshops will take place in Austin, TX, followed by San Diego, Irvine, and Fremont, CA. European workshops begin March 24 in Tel Aviv; Cambridge, UK; and Munich, Germany. The Asian schedule of workshops begins April 21 in Shenzhen, China; Hsinchu, Taiwan; Seoul; and Tokyo.

Private consultation time with Crouch will be available following the free technical workshop in the morning. In one-on-one meetings with Crouch, engineers will be able to learn the most effective strategies for adopting and implementing the IEEE 1687 IJTAG standard in their designs.

To register for an upcoming workshop and to view more information about the series, visit the ASSET InterTech website.

For more on IJTAG see the article “IJTAG interoperability brings value to chip and board engineers” by Stephen Pateras, Mentor Graphics, and Tim Caffee, ASSET InterTech.

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