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Startup Launches Campaign for Post-Mortem Video Playback

April 1, 2022
This video playback system enables the deceased to finally catch up on the shows they recorded but were always on their “I’ll watch it later” list.

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A New York-based startup hopes to raise funds via Kickstarter for its unique product: A digital video recorder (DVR) that allows the deceased to watch all of the TV shows they have recorded or want to binge-watch but haven’t had the time to do so. “Yes, You Can Take It With You” is looking to raise $100k to build a few prototypes along with a double-digit pilot run for user evaluation.

“Let’s face it,” said CEO Adam Fish, “Most people have hours and hours of shows they intend to watch ‘later’ which then becomes ‘never’.” He noted that when they’re gone, they will have the time, and added, “Hey, what else have they got to do?”

The design will use off-the-shelf components and modules, all integrated into a sealed package for longevity and designed to be placed in the casket along with the deceased (see figure). At this time, he acknowledges they have no solution for those who chose cremation.

Solar-Powered DVR

The system will use a DVR with terabytes of ruggedized solid-state memory specified to last for at least 10 years. Power will come from an above-ground solar panel feeding a bank of supercapacitors located alongside the DVR unit. A future iteration may use other harvesting sources such as wind or vibration, but Fish made clear that “solar is the easiest and most sensible one with which to start.”

The system—dubbed “PM DVR”—will run an endless loop of the recorded material. It will manage the power balance to pause itself as needed to allow the harvesting system to recharge the internal supercapacitor.

Why this project? Fish pointed out that “many people feel overwhelmed by all the shows they want to watch and put on their list, but never get to see…so what better opportunity than when you have all the time in the world?”

After the first batch of PM-DVR units are delivered and tested, he said his R&D crew will look into a way to capture subsequent seasons of hit shows that are broadcast or streamed after the customer has been interred. Therefore, they don’t have to miss any episodes or finales, for full “closure.”

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