Trenton Computer Festival

AI, EVs, and Robot Wars are Hot Topics at World's Longest-Running Computer Festival

Feb. 29, 2024
Celebrating its 48th anniversary, the world’s oldest amateur computer fair has evolved to offer much more than PCs and programming tips.

What you’ll learn:

  • Now in its 48th year, the Trenton Computer Festival offers lectures, workshops, and demos on virtually every aspect of computing.
  • Attendees will have the chance to explore the technology, applications, and social impact of artificial intelligence.
  • The festival's jam-packed program also includes an EV exhibit, sessions on amateur radio, and a robot combat competition.


Whether you want to learn to develop artificial-intelligence (AI) applications, test drive the latest electric vehicles, or cheer on robotic warriors locked in mortal combat, you need to spend a day at the Trenton Computer Festival (TCF). Held Saturday, March 16, on the campus of the College of New Jersey, in Ewing, N.J., TCF offers a diverse program of trending topics for tech enthusiasts and tech professionals alike.

Created back in 1976 as an educational forum and flea market for the emerging DIY computer community, TCF's program continues to explore the latest frontiers of computing while also giving its attendees a look at "what's next" in other fields of technology.

If you don't live nearby, you can attend the festival virtually (see below for details).

An Emphasis on AI

The primary focus for TCF's 2024 event will be AI, with presentations on the technology itself as well as how it can be used in a variety of business and hobbyist applications. The program's AI-related topics include its use in music composition, stock trading, artificial vision, and environmental monitoring.

One track is devoted to the deeper theory and technologies that AI is based on, with topics that include “An Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks,” “Machine Learning for Object Classification,” and “How to Build an AGI in Your Spare Time, Using Tools and Parts from Around the House.”

Other sessions will explore the impact of AI on society, covering topics such as “Generative AI and Conscious Systems,” “The Evolution of Human-Machine Relationships,” and “Epic AI Failures – Two Medical Case Studies.” The festival banquet's keynote will explore another aspect of AI-human relations in a talk titled “AI: Should we Be Nervous or Terrified?”

Tons of Tech Fun for Everyone

In keeping with its tradition of eclectic offerings, TCF will be hosting lots of other presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. The program includes several talks on electric vehicles (EVs) as well as an exhibit area, run by the New Jersey Electric Vehicle Association, where visitors can get a close-up look at many of the latest models. Visitors will even be able to go for "ride-and-drive" sessions in several EVs.

This year, TCF will also host its inaugural “Spring Smash,” an amateur robot battle competition organized by the Garden State Combat Robotics League and the TCNJ STEM society. For those interested in getting started in amateur radio, TCF offers its annual "Ham Cram" event, where you can study for, and obtain, your radio operator's license in one day. Details on these and other exciting events can be found on the TCF home page.

TCF will be held Saturday March 16, 2024, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Save 25% by registering online, in advance, via Paypal. Use the QR Code below to pay in advance or log into and send payment to [email protected]. Paypal will show payment went to the “The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.”

If you don't live nearby, you can attend the festival virtually. Details on virtual attendance will be posted on the Trenton Computer Festival website as soon as they are finalized.

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