High-Performance Embedded Database Offers Small Footprint

July 16, 2007
McObject's Perst for >NET Compact framework is a pure C# version of the company's open-source, object-oriented Perst embedded database for Microsoft's smart-device development framework.

The Perst for .NET Compact Framework is a pure C#, high-performance version of McObject's open-source, object-oriented Perst embedded database system for Microsoft's smart-device development framework. The new version offers a smaller footprint than the standard Perst embedded database, making it more suitable for applications running resource-constrained Windows CE-based and Pocket PC-based mobile phones, set-top boxes, PDAs, and other smart devices. The company offers Perst for .NET Compact Framework as part of its Perst for .NET distribution, which can be freely downloaded for evaluation and use under the GNU General Public License (GPL). McObject also sells Perst support as well as commercial licenses.

Perst for .NET Compact Framework retains a common source-code base and distribution with Perst for .NET, which is helpful for developers working in both environments or for migrating .NET applications to run in .NET Compact Framework. The new version includes nearly all of the features found on the open-source Perst since 2003: B-tree, Patricia Trie, Bit index, T-Tree, and R-Tree indexes as well as List, Relation, and Set collections. All are protected by transactions supporting the ACID properties (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability).

Perst for .NET Compact Framework also offers multithreaded access, data encryption, and an SQL subset to filter elements of any collection. Perst's tight integration with C# ensures exceptional "transparent persistence" and ease in working with objects in the fast-growing programming language. Under Perst's dual license, users can modify Perst database source code and use it freely in other open-source applications (software for which source code is made available) under the GPL. McObject's commercial license can be used if distribution of the Perst-based application under the GPL is not preferred.

The Perst database software is available for download at www.mcobject.com/perst. The database system can be downloaded for free for evaluation and use under the GPL license.FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.mcobject.com/perst.


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