USB-Based Data-Acquisition Chassis Holds Eight Modules

July 14, 2006
Up to 256 channels are possible with National Instruments’ NI CompactDAQ.

As a modular, USB-based data-acquisition system, the NI CompactDAQ platform offers an eight-slot chassis that accepts I/O modules able to measure up to 256 channels of electrical, physical, mechanical, and acoustic signals in one system. The NI CompactDAQ supplies connectivity and signal conditioning, as well as digital I/O and switching, for measurements including voltage, temperature, strain, sound, and vibration. All modules are hot-swappable and autodetectable for simplified setup. They provide up to 2300 V rms of isolation.

The system delivers four dedicated USB signal streams for synchronous analog and digital I/O for data-intensive applications, including sound and vibration, mixed-signal automated test, and high-speed data logging. The system measures only 25 by 9 by 9 mm and features flexible power options: ac or 11 to 30 V dc. The NI CompactDAQ comes with NI-DAQmx driver software and additional measurement services, which are a collection of tools and interfaces that make system setup faster and simpler. They also include an open API for NI LabVIEW, C/C++, Visual Basic 6, and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET languages, as well as the DAQ Assistant, a step-by-step wizard utility from National Instruments that automatically generates LabVIEW code.

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NI CompactDAQ is priced from $999. FOR MORE INFORMATION


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