Electronic Design UPDATE: August 2, 2006

Aug. 2, 2006
News Focus: Magnetism May Yield Smaller, Faster Computers
Magnetism may be the key to faster, smaller computers. Researchers at the University of Leeds are working on new materials that would allow computer memory and other components to use magnetis
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August 2, 2006

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  1. News Focus: Magnetism May Yield Smaller, Faster Computers
  2. News From The Editors:
    Dual-Core Chips Boost Performance, Save Power
    UWB Radio Demonstrates Broadcast-Quality Video Delivery
    SiP Packs High-Res Image Processing Into Tight Spaces
  3. TechView Scope: Let Your Fingers Do The Computing
  4. Upcoming Industry Events:
    NIWeek 06
    LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
    Digital Power Forum '06
Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor
news focus Magnetism May Yield Smaller, Faster Computers

Magnetism may be the key to faster, smaller computers. Researchers at the University of Leeds are working on new materials that would allow computer memory and other components to use magnetism rather than conventional electrical charges. As a result, the computer could work as soon as it was turned on because it wouldn’t need power to reload its memory and get it working...

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live on electronicdesign.com Archived Webcast: RoHS—What About China?

Do you sell products in China or import into China? If so, this webcast is for you. China has taken a somewhat different approach to the European Union's RoHS directive in a number of critical areas, which will very likely have a major impact on you and your business—whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, importer, or retailer. View today!

electronica 2006 With an up-to-date program of innovation and information from more than 3,000 exhibitors on 160,000 m² of exhibition space, electronica 2006 will present the entire spectrum of electronics and put the latest trends and developments on exhibit. One of the main attractions will be the automotive, wireless, embedded and micro- and nanotechnology areas and the automotive, wireless and embedded conferences. Click here for more information.
news from the editorsDual-Core Chips Boost Performance, Save Power Intel revamped its line last week with 10 Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors for consumer and business desktop and laptop PCs and workstations. According to the company, these dual-core desktop processors offer 40% better performance and energy efficiency over their predecessors. Several features make these improvements possible...
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UWB Radio Demonstrates Broadcast-Quality Video Delivery
The long awaited wireless delivery of video in the home is nearly here. With many potential suitors in the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) community as well as the 802.11n crowd, we should see some real wireless video consumer products by Christmas. Which technology will win the wireless video delivery wars? Tzero Technologies is betting that its latest UWB chip set will capture a big chunk of that market...

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SiP Packs High-Res Image Processing Into Tight Spaces
A new system-in-package (SiP) technology is capable of stacking logic and Gbit-class memory in a single package to enable high-speed, high-definition image processing in mobile devices. The technology, developed by NEC Corp. and its U.S subsidiary NEC Electronics, is called SMAFTI (SMArt connection with Feed-Through Interposer). It features a 3D chip connection with an approximately 60-µm gap and 50-µm-pitch microbump between the logic and memory devices, which can support transmissions up to 100 Gbits/s...

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techview scopeLet Your Fingers Do The Computing Imagine a small device that slips onto the tip of your index finger and replaces your joysticks, mouse, and even your keyboard. It soon will be possible thanks to a breakthrough at the University of Buffalo’s Virtual Reality Lab, where Young-Seok Kim and Thenkurussi Kesavadas have developed the Fingertip Digitizer...
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2006 Engineering Hall of Fame
The members of Electronic Design's Engineering Hall of Fame are those men and women whose accomplishments have shaped the electronics industry and, by extension, our world. It's time to vote for the 2006 slate of inductees. Give us a few minutes of your time to browse through our list of nominees and tell us who you think should be honored this year. Your vote counts!
upcoming industry eventsAugust 8-10, NIWeek 06 Austin, Tex.August 14-17, LinuxWorld Conference & Expo San Francisco, Calif.September 18-20, Digital Power Forum '06 Richardson, Tex.

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embedded in electronic design online Control The Continuum

Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Embedded Technology Editor Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "Control The Continuum." The 2006 Freescale Technology Forum was the site of plenty of announcements, including the company’s 8-/32-bit “Continuum” microcontroller. Bill hits the highlights.
photos wanted! Submit Photos And Get Paid!

Grab some photos showing the "guts and glory" of you (and your team) at work. We need them for our "Day in the Life of an Electronic Designer" photo essay, which will appear in Electronic Design's Oct. 20 special issue. There's a $500 Grand Prize for best photo series and $250 prize for best photo, and we pay $50 if we use any of your photos in the issue. Please include the names and titles of all photo subjects, as well as company name and the type of work-in-process illustrated by the photo. Digital photos should be in .tif or .jpg formats and must have resolution of at least 300 dpi. Deadline for submission is Sept. 15. E-mail digital photos to Managing Editor Richard Gawel at: [email protected].

product picks online
  • Analog: Miniature dc-dc Converters Feature 3-kV Isolation
  • Communications: Reference Design Available For Cool-Running Power Amplifiers
  • Electronic Design Automation: Software Handles Full 3D Electromagnetic Simulation
  • Test & Measurement: Software Makes RFI Site Surveys Easy
  • Embedded Hardware/Software: Tools For Nios II Code Speed Execution, Reduce Footprint

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