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Software Supports Envelope Tracking For LTE Development

June 6, 2013
LTE Advanced software defines and optimizes test stimuli for power amplifiers / VSA software provides simultaneous envelope and RF analysis.

Two software releases from Agilent, Signal Studio and 89600 VSA, support the design and verification of envelope tracking, a technique that improves the efficiency and linearity of power amplifiers used in mobile handsets. In Signal Studio for LTE/LTE-Advanced (FDD or TDD), developers can define and optimize test stimuli for power amplifiers using envelope waveforms based on the LTE I/Q signal. The crucial timing alignment between envelope and I/Q can be achieved with picosecond resolution and real-time adjustments. The latest release of 89600 VSA software is able to provide simultaneous envelope and RF analysis, enabling users to characterize and optimize envelope-shaping curves and time alignment. New features include stimulus/response functions with automatic time, amplitude and phase compensation, which simplify power amplifier measurements such as AM/AM, AM/PM and gain compression. Functionality has also been added to the company's 89600 WLA software for analysis of LTE user equipment and base stations. Available in July 2013, a fixed, perpetual license for Signal Studio software (N7624B-KFP and N7625B-KFP) is priced at $1,000. Available in June 2013, a transportable license for 89600 VSA software (89601B-200) is priced at $8,396 and a transportable license for 89600 WLA software (89620B-002) is $5,610.


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