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USB3 Controller Hubs Include On-Chip Programmable Memory

July 25, 2013
UCH3s family integrates OTP Flash configuration memory and includes seven-port hybrid version.

Microchip’s four-member USB553XB-5000 family of third-generation USB3 controller hubs (UCH3s) boasts the initial integration of OTP Flash configuration memory. The UCH3 family includes a seven-port hybrid version with certified four-port USB3 hub and three additional USB2 lanes. The other versions feature two-, three- and four-port USB3 hubs, respectively, providing a broad migration path for the designers of PCs, peripherals, computing platforms, storage solutions, networking and consumer devices, docking stations and monitors. ProTouch hub configuration software allows users to generate configuration settings and program the internal OTP Flash or any external SPI Flash. Two new evaluation boards, the EVB-USB5537B (supporting the USB5537B hybrid controller hub) and the EVB-USB5534BC (supporting development of four-port USB3 applications and battery charging), are available now for $399 each. The two-, three- and four-port USB5532B, USB5533B and USB5534B are available in 64-pin QFN packages, and the seven-port, hybrid USB5537B in 72-pin QFN. The SuperSpeed certified controller hubs are available now for sampling and volume production, with prices starting at $3.58 each/10,000.



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