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Watch The Latest Tech From CES 2015

Jan. 16, 2015
Brought to you by Electronic Design and Engineering TV

Curtis Ellzey of Engineering TV and I zipped through the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show with the video camera running (Fig. 1). You can check out the 2015 CES video playlist to see all the videos we shot.

Figure 1. Click this image to see the playlist of all the videos we shot at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Also check out my article, CES 2015 In Review, for additional descriptions of some of the technology we saw at the show. This article is a bit long but barely touches on everything that we saw. There is more to come.

There were definitely a lot of big, curved, UHD screens and drones flying around (watch ZANO Mini Swarming Drone Funded on Kickstarter). We saw low cost printers (watch This 3D Printer Costs Only $349) and all-in-one 3D printers that incorporate a 3D scanner (watch da Vinci AiO Combines 3D Scanner and 3D Printer). We even saw 3D printer dev kits (watch 3D Printer Development Kit from Marvell).

We saw lots of fun stuff like Stern's latest pinball technology (watch

Stern Modernizes Pinball Design with SPIKE System). There were lots of the latest cars and transportation tech including a folding electric scooter (watch The Self-Folding INU Electric Scooter ).

So from Curtis and myself (Fig. 2), we hope you enjoy checking out CES 2015.

Figure 2. Bill Wong (left) and Curtis Ellzey (right) check out the latest tech at CES 2015.

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