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“I’m On Vacation”

Nov. 21, 2013
Technology Editor Bill Wong is on vacation. Sort of.

One of my favorite movies is Beverly Hills Cop and one of the lines I always remember is “I’m On Vacation.” Officer Axel Foley, played by Eddie Murphy, repeats this quote a number of times throughout the movie. I hunted for the same quote and found it is used in hundreds of movies so it is not really very unique.

My vacation is not terribly unique these days either through the help of the Internet, smart phones and ever demanding jobs. I’m helping my parents move out of their house. That is always a challenge when downsizing and we have made many trips to Goodwill. Being able to message photos to siblings and children to see if they want a particular item is rather handy.

I am traveling heavy on the electronics side with laptop, tablet, smartphone, cameras and so on. So this has been a working vacation in many ways. On the plus side, I only took off three days this week instead of the full week. It has been interspersed by hosting a webinar, writing (like this blog entry) and editing and posting articles in the evening or when time allows. It saves me a couple of days of vacation I can use later when things are not so hectic.

So this gets to be a short article. I’m off to set up their computers, network, stereo and HDTVs. “I’m on vacation.”

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